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The pictures you see here at top are from members and
Korean War Vets who have sent them to us.

The following photos are from Lee Gericke in Scottsdale Arizona. He was also in the 2998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Builders Company along with Al DeStefano and Len Koca (New Ch 14 member).



Leonard Koca was in the 2998th Treadway Bridge Builders Company in Korea. Interesting also was Al DeStefano our recent Exec. Board member . They never knew each other however through our website contacted one another. Thus once more the site shows how well looked at it is. Some photos of Len's stay in Korea follow. They were sent by his wife of 56 years, Barbara, from a tiny remote town in Arizona. A thank you to Barbara & Len for sharing with us these photos.


                                                                     Al DeStefano






The following photos are from Chapter 14's Bill Ball, his experience in the Korean War. Thank you Bill.







These photos of Korea are from Richard Pecha. Some have been in recent Newsletters however they all are representative of the Korean War by one who was there.




Bailey Bridge in Korea March 31st, 1952



Fred Felter submitted the photos below taken during his time in Korea.  










The threephotos above are courtesy of Chuck Dawson. Lft-"M" Co.
27th Inf. 25th Div. Fall of 1950
Rgt-Chuck on right, Logan on left. Spring, 1951


Clarence Dadswell in Korea.
24th Div. 21st Reg. A Co.



                                              Harold Macking in Greenland Jan. 1951     


                  Our barracks, late April 1951



The several photos following are courtesy of Sue Farina. They are photos her late husband Sam took in Korea.Thank you Sue.  




















Many thanks to Sue Farina for such a large selection of personal photos.

The following photos are from Gene, Stony, Stone taken while in Korea. Most are from scenes around Taegu in 1952.





These next photos are from Luis M. Carvallho (MA) now living in Texas.




The following are from Mel Forston




The following photos are from Arthur Doherty of the 82nd Ordanance
Company, Heavy Maintainence.