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Inform webmasterof the unit you served in and your name will be placed near it.

Entries in BLUE have responded to listing.

USS WASP CV18 ---Bob Kunz---
USS Wasp CV 18---Clifford Savage----
USS Stribling DD867 ---Clifford Savage---
USS Hobson ---Donald Cutler----
USS Scabbardfish---Ted McCanly---
DD700 Hainworth---Bob Ripley---
USS Vulcan ---Bob Tabor---
General Mitchell TAP 114 ----Richard Arcand
USS Amphion AR 8 & USS mercury AKS 20---Edley Scott----
USS Mercury AKS 20 ---Joe Curtis Walker---
USS Hummer--David Parsons---Louis Lum---
USS Orion, AS18 & USS Sperry, AS12  ---Bill Nees---
USS Rochester   ---Lt. Cmdr. Lawrence Phillips---

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