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July 14, 2011 The Korean War Veteran’s Association “KWVA” Chapter 14, presented a check to the Pinellas Park Scholarship Foundation in the amount of $20,000.00. This donation was given to upgrade the Perpetual Scholarship from the original $1,000.00 a year to $1,700.00 a year.
A separate check in the amount of $1,000.00 was awarded to Andrew Mills, a student of Dixie Hollins High School in recognition of his participation in the KWVA annual Korean War Eassay contest Scholarship Program. The event was attended by the Mayor of Pinellas Park, City Council, interested parties, and the following members of the KWVA: Clarence Dadswell, Carl Mitchell, Everett Dewitt, Tina Crisp, and photographer Robert Stanley.
SORRY, No photos available at this time. Joe Sheehan, time to get those wooden legs back in use.